A miracle of all miracles

The email quoted in the last post reminded me of this quote (heard once in a sermon and attributed to someone I can’t remember).

The miracle of all miracles is the ability to transform through love the smallest seemingly insignificant detail of the routine drudgery of every day existence into paradise.  The ability to become ourselves at each moment a fresh paradise to those around us.

For those of you at the end of a long day of teaching, you may, like me, feel as far from paradise as it is possible to feel.   Yet, I’m sure, by God’s grace and Spirit in you, you offered a smile, a gesture of care, or found a way to help a learner who was struggling.  Maybe you even did what gives all teachers the most joy –  made something routine and boring, beautiful or interesting and worth learning. It’s lovely to think that in all of your interactions throughout the day you may have been offering a “fresh paradise” to your students.  It’s also probably good not to think about that too much because if you try too hard to offer paradise, the paradise you offer may have too much of you in it.  Offer yourself as freely and lovingly as you can.  Let God take care of the paradise.


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