The eyes of faith are the eyes of a dove

In my ‘Back to school’ posting, I suggested that ‘eyes of faith’ were needed to see time open into eternal life; to live time rather than undergo time;  to see all people, places and things as full of glory to behold.  I am very aware of the fact that I don’t always have the eyes of faith.  It is not easy to see eternity.  My gaze isn’t held enough, it isn’t open enough, it isn’t trusting enough, it isn’t patient enough, it isn’t pure enough.  ‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.’  I am not a dove, and therefore, I need a dove.

A dove is pure.  A dove is peace.  A dove is beauty and grace.  The Holy Spirit is a dove.  I shouldn’t be surprised that I need the Holy Spirit in order to have eyes to see the evidence of what is not seen.  I also shouldn’t be surprised when the Holy Spirit seems far from me.  My heart is often distracted, turbulent, confused and graceless.  But the dove is hovering, a green sprig in His mouth, bringing the vision of life that I lack.  The dove is waiting for my ‘yes’.

St. Nickolai Velimirovich, in his ‘Prayers by the Lake” (XXXII),  says it so much more beautifully than me.

My faith sees You, Lord.

It is the light and the farseeing vision of my eyes.

It is the sensing of Your omnipresence.  It pulls my knees to the ground and lifts my arms toward heaven.

My faith is my soul’s contact with You.  It prompts my heart to dance and my throat to sing.

My faith is my thinking about You, which prompts You, all-encompassing Lord, to think of me. 

My faith is my longing for You, when You are far from me, my Beauty.

My faith is the calming of the storm within my soul, for Your light pours into me and pacifies me.

My faith sees You, Lord…

My faith hears You, Lord…

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