Educating With Reverence is a exploration of what it means to offer ourselves as educators to God and others through the intentional practice of ‘praying with our eyes open’.  The goal is to be wholeheartedly directed towards God and seeking to become transparent to God so that divine light can shine in us and through us.  ‘Praying with our eyes open’ means being faithful in directing every aspect of educational practice towards Him, bathing every task with love and prayer.  I agree with Simone Weil that, “Attention, taken to its highest degree, is the same thing as prayer.  It presupposes faith and love.”  I believe this discipline of prayerful attention brings us into the presence of God because God is present when we gather (attend to the other) in His name.

A stance of reverence is one that continually brings us to a place of humility – grateful for the beauty, truth and goodness found in all others and all creation, grateful for the peace of God’s presence and the wisdom from above, grateful that we are in communion, and very aware of our human limitations and struggles in bringing attention to its highest degree.

The author is currently the Dean and Associate Professor at Trinity Western University’s School of Education .

Respectful comments are very welcome.

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